Single Family Residential


Our approach to single-family residential architecture is tuned precisely to the clients' goals, whether designing the ultimate home or spec-driven investment property. Budget limitations, material choices, energy efficiency, aesthetic preferences, and contextual appropriateness are all weighed in the design process. Our experience working with local contractors and sub-contractors also aids the home owner in finding a construction entity which is most appropriate for the project. Because of our close relationship to builders, we can also involve those builders early in the conceptual process to help shape the construction budget.

Single Family Residential


Perhaps the most challenging design endeavor we undertake, single-family remodel projects, often involve extremely demanding constraints. These limitations might include zoning ordinance restrictions for floor area allowances and bulk, off-street parking, and material palettes. Pre-existing structural considerations can also necessitate imaginative solutions to an otherwise more straightforward process. All of these issues must then be superimposed on the programmatic and budgetary goals of the owner. While these challenges are formidable, the heart of our practice lies in resolving this type of design task. Having designed homes in many of the San Francisco Bay Area municipalities and communities, we are adept at understanding local ordinances and design review process. Additionally, our on-going research of available construction materials and systems has led us to apply varied architectural solutions to a wide array of vernaculars, whether traditional or contemporary.

Multi-Family Residential


We provide a full range of design services for development of for-rent apartment complexes and for-sale condominiums and town house projects. These services include initial pre-design research to determine specific, ordinance mandated development restrictions. Once these parameters are identified, we prepare conceptual plans demonstrating multiple site-design solutions. After finalizing the optimal approach, we then prepare the required submittal documents for project entitlements and represent the project during the public hearing process. Finally, permit drawing preparation, bidding and negotiation assistance, and construction review activities are performed up to project close out.

Multi-Family Residential


Our remodel services for multi-family work parallel those for new ground projects. We can undertake any one aspect of a renovation project or provide full scope services as desired. Additionally, our renovation input includes analysis of existing building envelope performance and recommendations for long-term solutions to water proofing problems due to deferred maintenance or poor design.


Tenant Improvement and Renovation

For stand-alone or connected commercial buildings, we provide a range of services related to new tenant occupancy. These services include submittal documents for building permit applications, Planning Department processing, where applicable, and general space planning. When storefront design is required to undergo special planning approvals, we incorporate signage design services and lighting selection, as well as representation during architectural design review hearings.

Public Works

Our portfolio of public agency work includes city hall renovations, public park buildings, such as picnic structures, restrooms, and food service facilities, as well as disabled access related modifications. We perform these architectural services either as a prime consultant to a city or county agency or as a sub-consultant in cooperation with other prime design consultants, such as landscape architects or engineers. Our services are provided across the entire spectrum of a project, from conceptual feasibility studies through construction review.

Master Planning

A fundamental element of the design process involves the anticipation of goals in the context of more immediate program needs. While master planning is integral to all of our services, we also offer this as a discrete service to evaluate project feasibility or the benefits of project “staging” into manageable phases.

ADA Survey

We believe that the interaction of disabled accessibility should be seamless with the overall design of a project. When planning a design from the onset, we incorporate path-of–travel clearances and organize cabinetry and work areas to meet basic "within-reach" limitations. When renovating existing buildings, we provide specific, stand-alone services to bring public facilities into accessibility compliance pursuant to the California Building Code (C.B.C) guidelines.

Our work includes full facilities analysis for path-of-travel conformity. We document our findings in the form of itemized reports and provide full permit documentation for renovations as needed.

Color Consultation

Our color consultation is a detailed study of color application in the context of surface changes and material selection. Once a color palette has been chosen, we coordinate with the owner's contractor to stage "mock-up" presentations. We then provide material specifications and drawing keys for final application and review the work in-progress to assure continuity with the approved plan.

Interior Design and Materials Selections

Our interiors work is provided as a supplement to general building architecture. The interiors service includes research and selection of plumbing and lighting fixtures, built-in cabinetry design, flooring material selection and layout, and coordination of special finishes such as colorized plaster, non-traditional counter surfaces and audio/video installation.

Property Signage Design and Signage Programming

We provide a range of signage design services for commercial and multi-family residential projects. These include site, way-finding programs, directional signage, monument signs, and building address verification. We also design property logos and create special lettering and number fonts for specific properties.

Hand Built by RSS

In addition to our traditional design services, we can selectively craft singular works of furniture, cabinetry, or timbered structures. The RSS offices house an on-site shop where staff craftsmen build commissioned pieces to clients' specifications.